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The meeting place of Norwegian Shipowners in Brazil.
Our goal is to foment coordination and foster a sustainable and profitable business environment within the country. 

Norwegian Shipowners' Association

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association is an employer organization serving more than 160 companies in the field of Norwegian shipping and offshore contractor activities. Our members are the core and driving force within the Norwegian maritime environment. The members of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association employ more than 55,000 seafarers and offshore workers from more than 50 different nations.

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V Seminar Brazil x Norway – The green transformation and its regulatory impacts on the energy, shipping and port sectors

Acknowledging the strong bilateral ties between Brazil and Norway, the Norwegian Shipowners´ Association Brazil (ABRAN), together with the Law School Rio of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV Direito Rio), and with the Royal Norwegian General Consulate in Rio presents the V Seminar Brazil x Norway - The green transformation and its regulatory impacts on the energy, maritime and port sectors.

The seminar will be held on 27th September 2022, 08:30 – 12:30, at the FGV auditorium, located at Praia de Botafogo nr. 190, 12th floor. The traditional event is attended by government authorities, entrepreneurs, executives, and members of the academy, both Brazilians and Norwegians. Detail program and registration at:

The 2022 edition of Brazil@Nor-Shipping was really exciting!

Brazil, for the 4th consecutive time, headlined the main Nor-Shipping event with a dedicated agenda, organized by ABRAN/NSA, focused on current and upcoming business opportunities in the offshore and maritime shipping industry.

After more than two years of social restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic, Nor-Shipping weeklong program, 4th to 7th April, in Lillestrøm and Oslo, provided to be the perfect arena to reflect on trends and challenges of the world and discuss premising topics of the global offshore and maritime shipping industry, at the same time allowing intense social interaction among key players of the industry.

Brazil, for the 4th consecutive time, headlined the main event with a dedicated agenda organized by ABRAN/NSA focus on current and upcoming business opportunities. The Brazilian delegation was formed by business leaders, authorities and stakeholders from different sectors, including the Brazilian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. ENIO CORDEIRO, Director General of Navigation, Fleet Admiral WLADMILSON BORGES, Director General of National Regulatory Agency of Petroleum – ANP, Rear Admiral (Ret.) RODOLFO SABOIA, Director General of National Regulatory Agency for Waterways Transport and Ports – ANTAQ, Mr. EDUARDO NERY, Director of Ports and Coasts, Vice Admiral SERGIO SALGUERINHO, President of Maritime Court, Vice Admiral (Ret.) WILSON LIMA FILHO, Deputy Secretary of Climate and International Affairs, Mr. MARCELO DONINNI FREIRE, Director of Infrastructure Development, Mr. RAFAEL FURTADO, Head of Ports and Offshore installation licensing from IBAMA, Ms. ROBERTA COX, CEO of Brazilian Association of Wind power – ABEEOLICA, Ms. ELBIA GANNOUM, General Manager of Petrobras Suppliers relationship, Mr. MARCELO PEREIRA, General Manager Petrobras Subsea Operations, Mr. MARCUS ARAÚJO, Head of Supply Chain of Equinor Brazil, Mr. RAFAEL TRISTÃO and many others representatives from the industry.

Blue Economy sessions

The weeklong program started with – The Ocean Leadership Conference – opened by the speech of Mr. Bjørnar Selnes Skjæran Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy. The conference was built around the theme #ACTION and showcased concrete examples of actions companies have taken to manage existing challenges and explore innovative ways companies can build more resilient, profitable, and environmentally responsible business models to survive and thrive.

The Brazil@Nor-Shipping seminar, in Lillestrøm, was attended by more than 100 people and was opened by Mr. FELIPE MEIRA, President of ABRAN, The Norwegian Shipowners Association in Brazil, welcoming all participants and highlighting the devastating impacts of the corona pandemic, in Brazil and Norway, “with tragic losses and economic burden being felt until today”.

Mr. Meira also pointed out that “the astonish Russia invasion on Ukraine aggravated the already challenging economic and geopolitical landscape, bringing back vivid memories from the Second World War, with the shelling, curfews, and underground shelters.” 

President of ABRAN, Mr. Felipe Meira

According to Mr. Meira “The global maritime and offshore shipping industry proved to be resilient during these challenging times, keeping the flow of international trade and services.”  And emphasized that “We shall recognize the essential role of seafarers, keyworkers, who were heavily affected by disruptions on flights and road transportation, connected to social restrictions.”

Following the President of ABRAN opening speech, CEO of NSA, Mr. Harald Solberg addressed the audience recognizing the strategic importance of Brazil to the Norwegian Shipowners, presenting some impressive figures demonstrating the Norwegian investments in Brazil, especially in the offshore and maritime industry. According to Mr. Solberg, “Nowadays, the level of Norwegian accumulated direct investments in Brazil, without asset transfer, exceeds 32.5 billion of USD, according to the latest investment report, creating thousands of job opportunities and positive impact for the Brazilian society. Most of the largest Norwegian companies are present in Brazil with significant and long-term investments.”

Mr. Solberg also mentioned that “According to the latest NSA Maritime Outlook Report, Brazil is the most important market, outside the North Sea, for Norwegian shipowners from the offshore segment, and is also one of the main markets for deep sea and drilling rig sectors. The country recently approved a new Decree outlining the legal and regulatory framework for the offshore wind sector and also passed a new Law for the cabotage, which we hope will increase the presence of Norwegian shipowners in the country.”

CEO of NSA, Mr. Harald Solberg

Norwegian Deputy Minister, from the Ministry of Trade Industry and Fisheries, Ms. JANICKE ANDREASSEN was invited to the stage by Mr. Harald Solberg and reflected on the long-lasting relationship between Brazil and Norway.

The conference Brazil@Nor-Shipping was built to explore the Brazilian economic and market outlook, its business opportunities, concrete actions towards the target of zero emission, and the potential to strengthening partnership with Norwegian Ocean industry´s players to foster a sustainable market environment, in both countries.

During the week, the Brazilian delegation visited the exhibition hall and could witness the great variety of technologies currently available to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in the maritime industry. Also, the Brazilian delegation followed a very busy schedule of bilateral meetings, seminars, and social network events.

The Brazilian Ambassador, Mr. Enio Cordeiro welcomed the Brazilian delegation, on his official residence offering great and additional opportunity to strengthening ties of friendship and mutual knowledge between Brazilian and Norwegian stakeholders.

According to Mr. RICARDO FERNANDES, the Executive Director of ABRAN, Brazil@Nor-Shipping 2022 was, by far, the most challenging edition to plan and organize, but the event exceeded all expectations, with attractive topics and a very special delegation, the event promoted great interaction between Brazilian and Norwegian stakeholders, reflecting on current and upcoming business opportunities and strengthening ties of partnership between the two countries.

For 2023, according to Mr. Fernandes, the new dates for Brazil@Nor-Shipping are already set, 5th to 8th June, and ABRAN/NSA will once more engage with its partners to plan and organize a great event!

Unlocking Brazil’s offshore potential at Nor-Shipping

Offshore opportunities in renewable energy, reducing emissions in oil and gas production, green shipping and more will be centre stage at Brazil@Nor-Shipping, taking place on Tuesday 5 April at Nor-Shipping 2022.

Offshore opportunities in renewable energy, reducing emissions in oil and gas production, green shipping and more will be centre stage at Brazil@Nor-Shipping, taking place on Tuesday 5 April at Nor-Shipping 2022.

Speakers including regulators, energy giants (such as Petrobras and Equinor), industry bodies, and stakeholders from throughout the maritime and ocean value chain will deliver expert insights, outlining growth potential and helping build crucial network connections.

Partnering for progress

“This is the fourth Brazil@Nor-Shipping, demonstrating both the strong bilateral ties between our two nations and how high-level collaboration can deliver opportunities for our ambitious Nor-Shipping audience,” comments Sidsel Norvik, Director, Nor-Shipping.

“Brazil remains one of the world’s most dynamic offshore markets, with a wealth of opportunities as we continue down the path towards energy transition. However, without the right knowledge, networks and partners it can be a challenge to navigate the optimal path forwards… and that’s where this initiative comes in. It’s about unlocking value. Both for Brazil itself and for the many industry leaders that can utilise their assets and expertise to accelerate developments.”

Unique insights

Amongst the highlights from the full-day programme, Rodolfo Saboia, Director General of ANP (Brazilian National Directorate of Petroleum) and Eduardo Nery, General Director of ANTAQ (Brazilian National Directorate of Waterway Transport) will discuss issues such as the move to modernize ports and developing Brazil’s promising offshore renewable energy sector.

Elbia Gannoum, CEO of ABEEOLICA (Brazilian Association for Wind Power) and Roberta Cox, Head of Offshore License from IBAMA (Brazilian Institution for Environment) will add their insights on wind power, while Petrobras executives Marcio Pereira and Marcos Araújo (respectively General Manager of Subsea Operations and General Manager of Supplier Relationships) will discuss the company’s portfolio and assess supply chain challenges and opportunities.

Further hot topics being discussed at the event, which runs from 09.00 to 16.00 in Nor-Shipping’s Blue Economy Hall at its Lillestrøm exhibition facility, include energy security, the ESG agenda, regulatory developments, ship financing, and more.

Facilitating the future

“We’ve tried to deliver a programme that covers the full spectrum of offshore opportunity in Brazil,” comments Ricardo Cesar Fernandes, Executive Director of ABRAN, The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association Brazil, and a main event organiser. “As such, I believe we have something truly valuable for attending shipowners, energy companies, service providers, brokers, regulators, manufacturers, and all those connected with the supply chain.”

He continues: “Collaboration will be central to achieving the sustainable success the world demands from evolving offshore markets, and Nor-Shipping provides the ideal platform to facilitate this. We’re looking forward to bringing Brazil to Norway next month, and then, as a result, bringing the best of Nor-Shipping back to Brazil to help power future progress. This is an exciting opportunity, for everyone.”

Nor-Shipping 2022, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, takes place 4-7 April in Oslo and Lillestrøm. Alongside the main exhibition halls in Lillestrøm, key events include The Ocean Leadership Conference, The Quality Flag Forum, Blue Talks, The International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit, the Young@Nor-Shipping programme, The Maritime Hydrogen Conference, and many more.

For full details of the schedule please see

Prime Time Brazil highlights blue economy and green shipping

Launched on June 1, as part of Nor-Shipping´s Ocean Now program, Prime Time Brazil features top-level speakers and panels on topics of the highest relevance to stakeholders in the Norwegian-Brazilian maritime sector.

The 60-minute program showcases initiatives and actions that demonstrate that the time for ocean business is now! Action was also a key word for the two-day hybrid event that took place on the original dates of Nor-Shipping in June 2021.



Brazil is one of the main, global markets for the ocean industries, and ocean is a transnational issue that calls for a collaborative approach, as Norway´s Consul General Marianne Fosland said in her opening remarks to the show.

Keynote speaker José Mauro Ferreira, Secretary of Oil, Natural gas and biofuels in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, focused on initiatives and actions the Brazilian government is taking to boost the energy transition, reduce emissions and guarantee energy efficiency. A program for use and development of biofuels is on example, and the Brazilian government recently created an initiative  called “Fuel of the future”. Plans to combine bioenergy and electrification of vehicles is also something Brazilian authorities believe has great potential.


In a blue economy panel, moderated by Clarissa Lins, Rafael Tristão, Head of Supply Chain at Equinor in Brazil, Marcelo Xavier, Vice-President of Subsea7 in Brazil and Mauro Andrade, Business Development Director at Prumo Logistica discussed whether Brazil´s offshore industry and the energy transition which is on the way, is a goof fit.

Equinor aims to be a leader in the energy transition and plans to invest 15-20 percent of its capital in renewable energy by 2030.

“Brazil fits really well with our strategy because of the abundance of natural resources here. Equinor has invested more than 11 billion USD and plans to invest another 15 billion USD by the end of 2030”, Mr. Tristão says.

The first global solar investment that Equinor ever did, was done in Brazil. Equinor also has plans for other solar projects with Hydro and with Port of Açu. Digitalization projects are also contributing to greenhouse gas reductions

Subsea7 VP Marcelo Xavier said that the Brazilian market needs regulatory reforms to take off, but emphasized that the potential for development of renewable energy projects is huge.

Subsea7 is implementing several actions that will contribute to reduced emissions, and has involved Brazilian start-ups in a quest for new solutions, an initiative Innovation Norway is also involved in.

Prumo Logística is the business group behind Port of Açu, located up north in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and Mauro Andrade, Business development Director of Prumo Logística, described the port  as a significant player in the renewable energy value chain in Brazil.

Port of Açu has several MOU´s signed on renewable projects, with Equinor and with Australian Fortescue Future Industries, on the development of green hydrogen

“At Port of Açu we are turning renewable energy into a global commodity and we are equipped to deliver a complete renewable value chain”, Mr. Andrade says


Another hot topic to key players in the Brazilian energy and maritime sectors is green shipping, and Brazilian shipowners are already investing in new technologies and solutions.

In a panel moderated by Camila Mendes Viana Cardoso, Jonas Mattos, Business Development Manager, DNV and Pedro Dias, Senior Sales Manager, Kongsberg do Brasil, talked about alternative fuel solutions, optimized fuel consumption, digitalization projects, autonomous ships, IMO regulations and other initiatives that are pushing the shipping industry worldwide to go greener.

PRIME TIME Brazil was produced by ABRAN, The Norwegian Shipowners Association in Brazil, with the support of the Norwegian Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP), Innovation Norway and from the sponsoring companies Kincaid, Equinor and FC Stone.

Join us on Nor-Shipping 2022, in Oslo!

Pictures and words by Runa Hestmann, General Manger, NBCC


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ABRAN’s mission statement is: To represent NSA, coordinate and defend interests of its members in Brazil

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To be recognized in the next 10 years as trustful and reliable organization representing NSA, coordinating and defending interests of its members with integrity and responsibility, fostering a sustainable and profitable Brazilian business environment

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How to become a member: All members of The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (NSA) are eligible to become a member just submitting request for information to; other candidates shall also send e-mail to the very same address, follow instructions until final decision of the Board of Directors.

Why to become a member: ABRAN offers direct access to Norwegian shipowners’ community and its strong network, sharing best practices and engaging your company in the most relevant topics of the sector. The association works as a meeting place in Brazil addressing concrete issues thru active participation of its members at working groups and committees. ABRAN is part of Team Norway in Brazil a strong community formed by Royal Norwegian Embassy, Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Rio, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Energy Partners – Norwep, Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce – NBCC, Research Council and Seafood Council. ABRAN organizes high impact events, during the year, to promote its agenda and Brazil@Nor- Shipping (Oslo) is the most important.