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The meeting place of Norwegian Shipowners in Brazil.
Our goal is to foment coordination and foster a sustainable and profitable business environment within the country. 

Norwegian Shipowners' Association

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association is an employer organization serving more than 160 companies in the field of Norwegian shipping and offshore contractor activities. Our members are the core and driving force within the Norwegian maritime environment. The members of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association employ more than 55,000 seafarers and offshore workers from more than 50 different nations.

News & events

Petrobras’ Productive Fact-Finding Mission to Norway Organized by ABRAN

Petrobras' recent fact-finding mission to Norway, organized by ABRAN (Associação Brasileira de Armadores Noruegueses), has concluded with great achievements. This mission marks a step towards a greener future for Brazilian maritime operations.

Petrobras’ recent fact-finding mission to Norway, organized by ABRAN (Associação Brasileira de Armadores Noruegueses), has concluded with great achievements. This mission marks a step towards a greener future for Brazilian maritime operations. The initiative facilitated important meetings between Petrobras’ team and the Norwegian shipowners’ community, as well as key maritime forums, to explore and leverage opportunities for a green transition.

A Warm Welcome in Ålesund

The mission kicked off in Ålesund, where Petrobras received a warm welcome during a breakfast meeting with the local maritime community. This gathering showcased various future-proof technologies closely linked to sector decarbonization, aligning perfectly with Petrobras’ goals as outlined in their presentation.

Exploring Bergen’s Maritime Opportunities

The second part of the mission took place at the historic headquarters of The Bergen Shipowners Association. Here, a breakfast meeting saw the maritime community engage with Petrobras, who highlighted significant business opportunities and their commitment to accelerating the green transition of its chartered fleet. Bergen’s dynamic maritime sector, renowned for its proven solutions, provided a robust platform for Petrobras’ green ambitions.

Haugesund: A Leap in Maritime Innovation

In Haugesund, the maritime cluster showcased cutting-edge technologies focused on remote operations and green shipping, marking a significant leap in maritime innovation. During breakfast meetings in both Haugesund and Oslo, the local maritime communities were excited by Petrobras’ impressive portfolio of opportunities for the industry. The week concluded at the NSA headquarters in Oslo, where Petrobras engaged in productive discussions about future business opportunities with the maritime community.

Mission Highlights


  • Ulstein: Demonstrated innovative ship design capabilities, including the X-BOW® hull design, known for enhancing fuel efficiency and safety.
  • Olympic Next Ship: Presented their latest vessels equipped with state-of-the-art technology for sustainable operations.
  • Havila Group: Discussed advanced ferry services prioritizing eco-friendly solutions.
  • Kongsberg Maritime: Highlighted leading maritime automation and control systems critical for modern ship operations.


  • Corvus Energy: Examined cutting-edge battery solutions for hybrid and fully electric vessels, essential for reducing maritime carbon footprints.
  • Havila Polux: Explored green shipping technologies implemented on this vessel, showcasing the future of sustainable shipping.
  • DOF Group: Detailed extensive offshore services and innovative marine infrastructure projects.
  • PLUG: Presented power shoring technology, crucial for reducing emissions during docked operations.
  • Misje Flora: Celebrated the naming ceremony of this new vessel, embodying the latest in green shipping technology.


  • DeepOcean: Held strategic meetings on subsea services and innovative remote operations.
  • Solstad: Toured the impressive Normand Navigator, highlighting advanced fleet management and sustainable practices.
  • SEAM Company: Visited facilities to learn about contributions to maritime digitalization and energy efficiency.


  • NSA Headquarters: Engaged in collaborative meetings with the maritime cluster, fostering discussions on future partnerships and business ventures.


This mission underscored the vibrant synergy between Petrobras and the Norwegian maritime sector, paving the way for innovative collaborations and sustainable advancements in maritime technology.

Exploring Opportunities for Green Transition

ABRAN's recent trip to Brasília, in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy and Team Norway, showcased the great partnership between Norway and Brazil in advancing green transition initiatives. Both sides expressed keen interest in areas such as sustainable maritime fuels, green corridors, and offshore wind energy during productive meetings with various governmental and industry representatives. The trip highlighted Brazil's commitment to decarbonization efforts and its willingness to collaborate with Norway on concrete initiatives.

ABRAN’s recent business trip to Brasília, alongside the Norwegian Embassy and Team Norway, showcased a promising collaboration between Norway and Brazil in advancing green transition initiatives. Led by representatives from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussions centered around the potential for a future green transition agreement between the two countries. Key highlights included productive meetings with several representatives from Government, Regulatory Agencies, and Industry Associations, where both parties expressed mutual interest in areas such as sustainable maritime fuels, green corridors, offshore wind energy, among other topics. The program enabled productive engagements with stakeholders, highlighting Brazil’s commitment to decarbonization efforts and the willingness to partner with Norway on concrete initiatives.

A lunch meeting with Brazilian stakeholders at the Norwegian Embassy underscored the potential for cooperation in green energy projects, with discussions focusing on wind power generation and sustainable maritime and port infrastructure. Additionally, meetings with Ministry of Finance representatives provided insights into Brazil’s comprehensive plan for ecological transformation, outlining ambitious goals across pillars such as sustainable finance, technological development, and circular economy. Both sides explored avenues for collaboration to drive green innovation and economic growth, signaling a promising trajectory for future partnerships.

Looking ahead, ABRAN remains committed to fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration between Norway and Brazil in the realm of green transition. As discussions progress and initiatives take shape, ABRAN stands ready to contribute expertise and resources to facilitate a successful transition towards a more sustainable future. The trip exemplified the importance of international cooperation in addressing global challenges and highlighted the potential for impactful partnerships in driving positive environmental outcomes.

ABRAN Workshop: Navigating the New Transfer Pricing Landscape

ABRAN responded proactively to recent Transfer Pricing legislation by organizing a comprehensive workshop in the first quarter of 2024, aimed at equipping its members, particularly Norwegian shipowners in Brazil, with the knowledge and strategies needed for successful adoption of the new regulations. Titled "Understanding the new Brazilian TP legal and regulatory framework – impacts for Norwegian shipowners," the workshop featured presentations from industry experts and provided practical insights into compliance methodologies and strategies for navigating challenges. Attendees engaged with representatives from leading firms and participated in interactive sessions, emphasizing the importance of proactive adaptation to regulatory changes. Through such initiatives, ABRAN continues to play a vital role in empowering its members to effectively navigate regulatory complexities and optimize their operations.

In response to the significant implications of the latest legislation concerning Transfer Pricing, the Board of ABRAN has taken proactive measures to support its members. Recognizing the necessity for a comprehensive understanding of the new framework, ABRAN organized a workshop in the first quarter of 2024. This event served as a crucial platform for reflection, discussion, and strategic planning to ensure successful adoption of the new regulations.

The workshop, titled “Understanding the new Brazilian TP legal and regulatory framework – impacts for Norwegian shipowners,” took place on the 1st of March at OSM Thome and was opened by the Consul General of Norway Mette Tangen. The agenda was carefully curated to address key aspects of the new legislation, featuring presentations from esteemed experts in the field. These sessions provided invaluable insights into the changes brought about by the new framework, practical methodologies for compliance, and strategies for navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage with representatives from prominent firms such as E&Y, KPMG, PWC, and DELOITTE, who shared their expertise on various aspects of Transfer Pricing. The workshop also facilitated interactive Q&A sessions, allowing participants to seek clarification and guidance on specific issues relevant to their organizations. The event concluded with closing remarks from Walker Lima, Managing Director of OSM Thome, emphasizing the importance of proactive adaptation to the evolving regulatory landscape.

Through initiatives like this workshop, ABRAN remains committed to empowering its members with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate regulatory complexities effectively. By fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and facilitating dialogue with industry experts, ABRAN continues to play a pivotal role in supporting Norwegian shipowners in Brazil.

ABRAN at OTC 2023 – decarbonization of the shipping sector

The maritime industry is at a crossroads, seeking sustainable solutions to reduce its environmental impact. During OTC 2023, Executive Director of ABRAN, Ricardo Cesar Fernandes, Downstream Executive Director from IBP, Valeria Amoroso Lima, Senior Fellow from CEBRI Rafaela Guedes and Business Development Manager from DNV Jonas Mattos joined the panel organized by Innovation Norway delving into key questions surrounding decarbonization in the marine fuels sector. Here's a glimpse of the insights shared, by ABRAN, during the session.

Charting the Course in Marine Fuels Technology

The prevailing technology in the marine fuels sector is a dynamic landscape, with multiple emerging technologies vying for dominance. From LNG to hydrogen-based fuels, biofuels, and ammonia, the sector is exploring diverse options to meet environmental regulations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Brazil can distinguish itself by leveraging its abundant natural resources for sustainable biofuel production, investing in R&D for advanced biofuels and explore other alternative fuels. Policy incentives and investments on infrastructure development are vital to positioning Brazil as a leader in sustainable marine fuels.

Meeting IMO’s Ambitions for Green Maritime

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is committed to achieving net-zero GHG emissions from international shipping by 2050. The 2023 IMO GHG Strategy outlines ambitious targets for reducing carbon intensity and increasing the uptake of zero or near-zero GHG emission technologies. The global introduction of alternative fuels, including biofuels, is integral to meeting these goals.

The Role of Brazil’s Gas Market Restructuring

The recent restructuring of Brazil’s gas market plays a crucial role in the decarbonization of the maritime sector. By providing a regulatory framework supporting LNG development, Brazil can encourage its adoption in the industry. LNG serves as a cleaner-burning bridge fuel, reducing emissions while alternative fuel infrastructures are developed.

Collaborating for Green Fuels Advancement

Brazil and Norway can collaborate to advance green fuels through knowledge exchange, joint research, and policy development. Norway’s experience in electric and hydrogen-powered ships can be useful insights for Brazil’s strategies. Workforce challenges in transitioning to green fuels necessitate proactive measures in retraining and upskilling.

Charting a Sustainable Course Together

The path to decarbonizing the maritime sector involves embracing diverse technologies, leveraging natural resources, and fostering international collaboration. Brazil and Norway’s partnership can serve as a beacon for other nations, demonstrating that a sustainable maritime future is achievable through shared knowledge, strategic policies, and innovative solutions. As the world navigates the seas of decarbonization, these insights pave the way for a cleaner and greener maritime industry.


Our Mission

ABRAN’s mission statement is: To represent NSA, coordinate and defend interests of its members in Brazil

Our vision

To be recognized in the next 10 years as trustful and reliable organization representing NSA, coordinating and defending interests of its members with integrity and responsibility, fostering a sustainable and profitable Brazilian business environment

Our core values

Integrity, responsibility, safety, competence and leadership.


How to become a member: All members of The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (NSA) are eligible to become a member just submitting request for information to; other candidates shall also send e-mail to the very same address, follow instructions until final decision of the Board of Directors.

Why to become a member: ABRAN offers direct access to Norwegian shipowners’ community and its strong network, sharing best practices and engaging your company in the most relevant topics of the sector. The association works as a meeting place in Brazil addressing concrete issues thru active participation of its members at working groups and committees. ABRAN is part of Team Norway in Brazil a strong community formed by Royal Norwegian Embassy, Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Rio, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Energy Partners – Norwep, Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce – NBCC, Research Council and Seafood Council. ABRAN organizes high impact events, during the year, to promote its agenda and Brazil@Nor- Shipping (Oslo) is the most important.