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The meeting place of Norwegian Shipowners in Brazil.
Our goal is to foment coordination and foster a sustainable and profitable business environment within the country. 

Norwegian Shipowners' Association

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association is an employer organization serving more than 160 companies in the field of Norwegian shipping and offshore contractor activities. Our members are the core and driving force within the Norwegian maritime environment. The members of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association employ more than 55,000 seafarers and offshore workers from more than 50 different nations.

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Brazil@Nor-Shipping 2023: A Resounding Success in Bolstering Maritime Collaboration

High-Level Brazilian and Norwegian Delegations Unite to Drive Green Transition and Business Opportunities


The Brazil@Nor-Shipping 2023 event, organized by ABRAN (The Norwegian Shipowners´ Association Brazil) in collaboration with the Consulate General of Norway in Rio, Innovation Norway, and the Chambers of Commerce (NBCC and BNCC), emerged as a resounding success, captivating the participation of over 600 industry professionals across seminars and social events. This momentous event witnessed the convergence of distinguished Brazilian and Norwegian representatives from organizations such as the Brazilian Navy, ANTAQ, ANP, EPE, Petrobras, and Transpetro. Together, they shared the stage, engaging in insightful discussions on the future of the maritime and offshore shipping industry.

Strengthening Collaboration:

The event kickstarted with highly productive meetings between Brazilian and Norwegian maritime authorities, setting the tone for constructive conversations on the International Maritime Organization’s agenda towards achieving net-zero emissions. In these sessions, different strategies to enhance cooperation between the two countries were deliberated, underscoring their shared commitment to sustainability.

Exquisite Welcome and Opening Ceremonies:

The Norwegian Shipowners´ Association and ABRAN hosted a vibrant welcome reception at its historical building in downtown Oslo, setting a cheerful ambiance for the Brazilian delegation and nearly 100 attendees. NSA Board member, Ms. Marianne Møgster, delivered opening words laying the foundation for a week filled with collaboration and knowledge exchange. The official opening of Nor-Shipping took place at the majestic Town Hall, hosted by the City Mayor of Oslo, drawing a substantial global delegate attendance.

Captivating Seminars and Keynote Speakers:

Brazil@Nor-Shipping 2023 program brought together renowned keynote speakers and panelists taking center stage, captivating the audience with their insights into the shipping industry’s journey towards decarbonization. Esteemed individuals such as Fleet Admiral Cunha, the Brazilian Navy Chief of Staff, and Jarand Rystad, CEO of Rystad Energy, among others, shared their expertise and experiences, providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in achieving a sustainable future.

Exploring Key Topics:

The conference featured a diverse range of speakers and topics, driving the audience’s understanding of Brazil’s political and economic outlook, business opportunities, and concrete actions towards a greener future. Key figures such as Felipe Meira, President of ABRAN, and Harald Solberg, CEO of NSA, set the stage for discussions on strengthening partnerships and trade relations between Brazil and Norway.

Prominent speakers, moderators, and panelists engaged in enriching discussions throughout the event. Topics covered included the perspectives of the Brazilian Navy, ANP, ANTAQ, EPE, Petrobras, and Transpetro on the green transition, offshore wind sector challenges and opportunities, talent acquisition in the offshore and shipping industry, and doing business in Brazil’s shipping sector.

Promoting Bilateral Ties and Cultural Exchange:

The event not only emphasized business collaborations but also fostered cultural exchanges and strengthened the bond between Brazil and Norway. The Brazilian Ambassador to Norway, H.E. Mr. Enio Cordeiro, graciously opened his residence for a cordial gathering, allowing the Brazilian delegation to learn more about the long-standing economic relations between the two nations and the vital work of the Brazilian Embassy in Norway.

Celebrations and Recognition:

The Brazil@Nor-Shipping 2023 event offered delegates numerous opportunities for networking and celebration. The traditional Brazilian Party, organized by Kincaid Law Firm, held at Høymagasinet in Oslo, brought together over 300 people, enabling them to connect, exchange ideas, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere while savoring traditional cuisine. The event also honored distinguished individuals who played a pivotal role in promoting business between Norway and Brazil, including Lars Peder Solstad, Marit Cecilie Albretsen, Vice Admiral Wilson Lima Filho, and Thomas Saxegaard.

Empowering Green Shipping and Business in Brazil:

The second day of the Brazil@Nor-Shipping conference focused on green shipping and provided valuable insights into doing business in Brazil’s shipping sector. Esteemed speakers and panelists, including Vice Admiral (Ret.) Ralph Dias, President of the Brazilian Maritime Court, and Roberta Nobre, General Manager of Services Procurement at Petrobras, shared their expertise, shedding light on regulations, contracts, insurance, and the benchmark with Norway. The program also emphasized the Norwegian green shipping strategy and Brazil’s commitment to the IMO’s green shipping strategy.


The Brazil@Nor-Shipping 2023 event was an undeniable triumph, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and partnerships between Brazilian and Norwegian maritime stakeholders. With its vibrant seminars, captivating keynote speakers, and ample opportunities for networking, this event solidified its place as a cornerstone in the maritime calendar, working towards a sustainable and prosperous future for the industry. As plans begin for the next edition in 2025, according to Mr. Ricardo Fernandes, Executive Director of ABRAN and coordinator of Brazil@Nor-Shipping project for the 5th consecutive time, NSA and ABRAN are committed to further strengthening the relationship between Brazil and Norway, driving innovation, and building a greener shipping industry.

Brazil@Nor-Shipping 2023 is coming!

Exciting news! The Brazil@Nor-Shipping event is coming to Oslo and Lillestrøm from June 5th to June 9th. Organized by ABRAN and NSA in partnership with the Royal Consulate General of Norway in Rio, Innovation Norway, and the chambers of commerce (NBCC and BNCC), this week-long program will bring together industry leaders, innovators, and experts from Brazil and Norway to discuss topics including green shipping, energy transition, offshore wind, decarbonization, talent acquisition, and the Brazilian offshore oil & gas sectors.

We´re glad to announce that Brazil@Nor-Shipping 2023 event, organized by ABRAN and NSA, in partnership with the Royal Consulate General of Norway in Rio, Innovation Norway, the chambers of commerce (NBCC and BNCC), is coming to Oslo and Lillestrøm, from June 5th to June 9th, and we can’t wait to welcome a great Brazilian delegation. The weeklong program promises to be an informative and engaging event that will bring together industry leaders, innovators, and experts from Brazil and Norway.

The event will offer a mix of seminars and social events, where it will be discussed premising topics of our industry, including green shipping, energy transition, offshore wind, decarbonization, the quest for talented people, and growing opportunities from the Brazilian offshore oil & gas sectors. With illustrious guest speakers such as the Brazilian Navy, Petrobras, ANTAQ, ANP, ABEEOLICA, EQUINOR, SEAWAY7, PGS, SOLSTAD, DOF, AKER, TGS, the agenda is built to explore great business opportunities in Brazil and the strong partnership with Norway.

We believe that this event will create a great platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and exploring new business opportunities. We look forward to engaging in dynamic discussions on how we can collaborate to achieve a more sustainable future for the offshore and maritime industry.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn, connect, and engage with the best minds in the offshore and maritime industry from Brazil and Norway. Join us for an unforgettable week of insights and excitement!

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ABRAN´s Board of Directors was elected on the 26th April

We´re happy to announce that on the 26th April, The General Meeting (GM) of ABRAN assembled at SOLSTAD´s Brazil headquarters and elected the new Board members for the next two years - 2023/2024.

The GM also approved the financial accounts for 2022, the annual report, policies and priority agenda for 2023.

The Board of ABRAN is now formed by the following members ‘representatives:

SOLSTAD OFFSHORE – Felipe Meira – President

ALTERA INFRASTRUCTURE – José Elias – Vice President

ODFJELL SE – Knut Øvrebø – Board member

DOF – Elias Abibe – Board member

PGS – Adrian Burke – Board member

SUBSEA7 – Ivan Cruz – Board member

OSM – Walker Lima – Board member

NSA – Thomas Saxegaard – Board member

The ESG agenda and the maritime shipping industry – a Norwegian and Brazilian perspective

On the occasion of ABRAN´s year-end meeting an online ESG session will be held to discuss premising topics related to the ESG agenda for the maritime shipping sector, from a Norwegian and Brazilian perspectives. The event will be held with Teams, by invitation only.

On the occasion of ABRAN´s year-end meeting an online ESG session will be held to discuss premising topics related to the ESG agenda for the maritime shipping sector, from a Norwegian and Brazilian perspectives.

The event will be held with Teams, by invitation only.


Our Mission

ABRAN’s mission statement is: To represent NSA, coordinate and defend interests of its members in Brazil

Our vision

To be recognized in the next 10 years as trustful and reliable organization representing NSA, coordinating and defending interests of its members with integrity and responsibility, fostering a sustainable and profitable Brazilian business environment

Our core values

Integrity, responsibility, safety, competence and leadership.


How to become a member: All members of The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (NSA) are eligible to become a member just submitting request for information to; other candidates shall also send e-mail to the very same address, follow instructions until final decision of the Board of Directors.

Why to become a member: ABRAN offers direct access to Norwegian shipowners’ community and its strong network, sharing best practices and engaging your company in the most relevant topics of the sector. The association works as a meeting place in Brazil addressing concrete issues thru active participation of its members at working groups and committees. ABRAN is part of Team Norway in Brazil a strong community formed by Royal Norwegian Embassy, Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Rio, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Energy Partners – Norwep, Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce – NBCC, Research Council and Seafood Council. ABRAN organizes high impact events, during the year, to promote its agenda and Brazil@Nor- Shipping (Oslo) is the most important.