The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association – Brazil, “Associação Brasileira dos Armadores Noruegueses”, ABRAN, is a Brazilian non profit civil association created in 2013, by Norwegian shipping companies and the Norwegian Shipowners Association, NSA, to foment the coordination of Norwegian shipowners in Brazil and to foster a sustainable and profitable business environment within the country.

ABRAN was born to be a meeting place to Norwegian shipping companies in Brazil, dedicated to promote actions to increase the competitiveness, support the training of a specialized work force to the maritime sector in Brazil, propose and promote initiatives that are compatible to the interests of ABRAN’s members. Hence, ABRAN will support participating members’ interests in defined areas and also assist in coordinating common issues in support of and collaboration with local organizations.


To represent NSA, coordinate and defend interests of its members in Brazil


To be recognized in the next 10 years as trustful and reliable organization representing NSA, coordinating and defending interests of its members with integrity and responsibility, fostering a sustainable and profitable Brazilian business environment


Integrity, responsibility, safety, competence and leadership.


Integrity: ABRAN’s actions shall always be honest, fair, respecting and complying with all sets of laws, rules and norms.

Reliability: ABRAN shall be identified, by its members and the industry, as an important and reliable association with coherent and trustful positions.

Responsibility: ABRAN shall support initiatives towards developing competence of workforce, increase safety, and enhance and foster environmental consciousness.

Sustainability: ABRAN shall support initiatives towards sustainable developing the shipping industry.

Vibrant: ABRAN shall be a vibrant organization which promotes the shipping industry to the stakeholders and young generation, encouraging initiatives in schools and universities.


(I) To represent the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, towards institutions, associations, companies, other private, public entities, symposia, seminars and national forums;

(II) To coordinate and defend the interests of its members before institutions, associations, companies and other private and public entities;

(III) Promote and promote initiatives to promote and disseminate good practices adopted by members, especially related to: innovation, new technologies, safety, standardization of procedures, cost reduction, operating techniques and training of labor;

(IV) To promote actions of approximation between Brazil and Norway in the field of the maritime and offshore industry, aiming at the search of synergies and the sustainable development of the sector;

(V) Promote and support initiatives aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the maritime and offshore industry, enhancing the clarity, predictability and transparency of the Brazilian legal and regulatory framework;

(VI) Support for training and training of skilled labor for employment in the maritime sector in Brazil; and

(VII) Promotion and defense of initiatives that are aligned with the interests of ABRAN members.


ABRAN’s Board of Directors and administration were elected, on 26th April 2023, for a new 2 year’s term, representing all shipping segments and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association – NSA.

President: Mr. Felipe Meira (SOLSTAD)
Vice-President: Mr. Jose Carlos Elias (ALTERA)
Board Member: Mr. Adrian Burke (PGS)
Board Member: Mr. Elias Abibe (DOF)
Board Member: Mr. Knut Ovrebo (ODFJELL SE)
Board Member: Mr. Ivan Cruz (SUBSEA7)
Board Member: Mr. Walker Lima (OSM)
Board Member: Mr. Thomas Saxegaard (NSA)
Executive Director: Mr. Ricardo Cesar Fernandes


ABRAN was created by 15 Norwegian shipping companies and NSA. Our membership list comprises The Norwegian Shipowners´ Association and the following companies, representing deep sea, subsea, drilling, OSV and seismic segments:

ABRAN’s membership will be comprised of companies, incorporated in Brazil or abroad, that meet the requisites for membership pursuant to Regulations enacted by the Board of Directors.

ABRAN shall have three types of Member:

(I) Founding Member: a Founding Member shall be deemed to be one who participated in the Assembly of the Constitution, according to the Attendance List of such Meeting;

(II) Effective Members: shipping companies, which did not participate in the Assembly of the Constitution, according to the Attendance List of such Assembly, shall be considered as effective members, in accordance with paragraph 4; and

(III) Associated Members: shall be considered members associated the shipping companies, in an exceptional manner, or companies directly related to them, which did not participate in the Assembly of Constitution, according to the Attendance List of such Assembly, pursuant to paragraph 4.

Together, the Founding Members, Effective Members and Associates will be called “Members”.

Paragraph 4. As a general rule, shipping companies should associate as Effective Members. Exceptionally, those who are members of the NSA may join as Associate Members, if they do not already have an operation and / or contract in Brazil or are in the initial stages of commercial exploration and installation in the country, or inexistence of operation and / or commercial contract.

For further information on how to become a member e-mail rcf@rederi.no.