The social highlight of Nor-Shipping

The party took place on May 31, 2017, and although it is only the second time that Abran and NSA host the party, it is already becoming a Nor-Shipping tradition. The Brazil@Nor-Shipping agenda is also an initiative by Abran and NSA.


«We organize this party to strengthen the collaboration between Norway and Brazil and create arenas where people can meet in more informal surroundings to develop their relations and get to know each other. We deeply appreciate to have the Brazilian delegation here with us at Nor-Shipping. From NSA you will find shipowners and other stakeholders with interests in Brazil, both offshore and deep sea present here tonight», Thomas Saxegaard, representing Abran and NSA, said.


As expected, the party had tropical drinks, seafood and Brazilian rhythms. Brazilian singer Liah Soares was the main attraction of the night, but musicians from Oslo Strings accompanied her on several songs. Many profiled Norwegian shipowners, top executives, Deputy Minister Dilek Ayhan and several of her colleagues from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Trade and Fisheries, were among the guests and could enjoy the sunset and fantastic view of the Oslo fjord from the rooftop at Tjuvholmen.



The interest in the Brazilian market is also contributing to making the Brazilian party even more attractive, and there was actually a waiting list to get in. NSA president Hans Olav Lindal was however among the guests of honor.


«The Brazilian night in Oslo is becoming a tradition during Nor-Shipping, and Brazil is a big and important market for Norwegian shipowners. An increasing part of our members are established in Brazil and our engagement is big. In difficult times, networking and standing together it is more important than ever, something the turnout and the interest for today´s party proves», he said. 


Mr. Lindal describes Nor-Shipping as a leading venue in the maritime community, and is content that an agenda focusing on Brazil has been composed. 


«Despite recent setbacks, the Brazilian industry is growing fast. With the pre-salt discoveries, recent changes in the framework and the establishment of a bid calendar, Brazil should expect to attract new investments that will drive a new cycle of economic growth. Given the weight of the Brazilian economy, the size of the population and the territory, Brazil is by nature a powerful driver for growth in the maritime industry», NSA president Lindal said.


Maintaining the event an exclusive get-together was a priority to the organizer.


«We want people to connect, as if they were having a party at home, and this would not be possible if the event gets too big. This party is a celebration of the Norwegian connection with Brazil. I don´t think any business deals will be closed, but this is a way of introducing people to each other, and then they can take care of business the next day. In difficult times you have to be more creative and see the opportunities, and we believe we have to stand together instead of competing, in order to overcome the challenges we are facing», former president of the Norwegian Brazilian chamber of commerce in Brazil, Camila Mendes Vianna Cardoso, said. The party was organized with the support of NBCC, BNCC, Innovation Norway and The Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro. 


During the party, medals were awarded to Helle Klem, former Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, Klaus Döscher, who used to work for Solstad Shipping and to Pål Eitrheim, the former Country Manager of Statoil in Brazil, as a tokens of appreciation, for their important efforts for improving bilateral relations. 


«I was sincerely touched and honored by receiving this medal. It means a lot to me to be remembered still nearly two years after we left «a cidade maravilhosa», and to be recognized this way together with people like Claus and Pål! I really loved working with you all and Brazil is, as we know, «for long term commitment»-  also on a personal level. I look forward to keeping in touch and will continue to follow the interesting development of the promising relations of our countries.The Brazilian participation at Nor-Shipping was also very impressing, demonstrating Brazil's important role. The Brazilian participation ensures an important footprint with excellent timing, reminding us about the perfect match between the  interests, opportunities and prospects of the two countries. No need to say, this is a key element in the further strengthening of the relationship between Norway and Brazil», Mrs. Klem said. She was the Consul General in Rio de Janeiro from 2011-2015, and is now working in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Nor-Shipping 2017 was the 26th edition of the event, making it the longest running of its kind in the world.  Brazilian oil company Petrobras was represented in the Brazilian delegation to Nor-shipping by three of its executives. Juliano Dantas, General Manager for Procurement Strategy and Supplier Base management, participated on two of the panels during the BrazilPodium before going to the Brazilian party later at night.


«What our presence here means, is that despite the downturn, we are here for the long run. Petrobras wants to hear the market and believe in finding the solutions together with our partners. The Brazil agenda during Nor-Shipping demonstrates that Norwegian stakeholders are willing to hear people out, but also to challenge established views, and it shows that the Norwegian naval industry looks beyond the short term. Networking, meeting people and exchanging ideas is always important, and our visit to Oslo has been a very interesting experience», he said.


Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries, Dilek Ayhan, accompanied the Brazil@Nor-Shipping agenda closely the whole week and represented the Norwegian government at the party on May 31, 2017. In her speech to the party, she highlighted how the relations have grown tighter the last decades. Ms. Ayhan visited Brazil in 2015 and has a close dialogue with NSA and Abran.


«You add value to Nor Shipping, and the Brazil@Norshipping agenda demonstrates how important your country is a shipping nation. We are long term partners, and Norway has high hopes for the offshore ocean economy. 70 percent of our exports earnings come from ocean related activities and Brazil is the world´s most important offshore market. It seems to me that Norwegians who go to Brazil to do business, do not want to come back. There are many reasons for that. You are so passionate, and you make Nor-Shipping more fun. I cherish our friendship and I am here to build on that. I hope the Brazilian delegation will only increase in the years to come.», Dilek Ayhan said.