Brazilian delegation made a mark on Nor-Shipping

The Brazil@Nor-Shipping agenda 2017 is an initiative of Abran and Norwegian Shipowners´ Association, with the support of Team Norway in Brazil, and for the Brazilian delegation, the global maritime event started on May 29, when the delegation was among the guests invited to a mayoral reception in Oslo City Hall. In the evening, Brazil´s ambassador to Norway, Mr. George Monteiro Prata, hosted a welcoming party in his residence.


«As a leading maritime event, Nor-Shipping provides an arena that help position the industry for the future, and ABRAN is committed with a forward looking agenda focusing to contribute on developing a sustainable business environment in our country. As such, Brazil@Nor-Shipping program is a powerful platform to strengthening the relationship between Brazil and Norway, providing an attractive mix of seminars and social events where key players of the industry can meet, create business opportunities and share from their knowledge», Ricardo Cesar Fernandes, Abran´s Executive Director in Rio de Janeiro explains. 

All main stakeholders invited

Nor-Shipping is an biannual event that takes place in Oslo. This was the 26th edition of Nor-Shipping, making it the longest running event of its kind in the world. Norway is also considered a global maritime hub, in control of the fifth largest merchant fleet in the world. Nor-Shipping is the largest such event of the year, not only in Scandinavia, but also in Europe. 35.000 visitors from 80 countries were expected to the exhibition and seminars this year, and numerous events were dedicated to Brazil. 


Petrobras, The Brazilian Institute of Petroleum (IBP), The Brazilian Directorate of Ports and Coast (DPC), BNDES and many Abran associates were represented in the Brazilian delegation and most of them were also present for the City Hall opening reception. 


«All the main stakeholders of the maritime and offshore shipping industry were invited to be a part of the Brazilian delegation, from government level to business sectors. The Brazil@Nor-Shipping event has become the most attractive complimentary agenda of the week gathering world leading Norwegian shipowners and Brazilian business leaders», Mr. Fernandes explains.

This is the second time Abran and NSA organize the extensive Brazil@Nor-Shipping agenda, and Nor-Shipping director Birgit Liodden was also excited with the heavy Brazilian presence. She describes Brazil as a «breath-taking market abundant in potential, resources and opportunities».


«Brazilian-Norwegian relations in the offshore industry are very important, and we believe Brazil is a market in development. The Norwegian offshore presence in Brazil is strong, and when we invite the world back to our playground here in Oslo, it is only natural to put Brazil and our relations on the map», Mrs. Liodden said during the City Hall reception on May 29. 


«It is a pleasure to welcome you to Oslo. Nor-shipping is important to Oslo and to the whole maritime industry in Norway, and you are our special guests», Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen said in her address to the many guests in Oslo City Hall. 


Mr. Sturla Henriksen, CEO of Norwegian Shipowners´Association also addressed the delegates in Oslo City Hall on May 29.


«This week, 35.000 delegates will meet and even in these times of Snapchat and Twitter, the personal encounters are of vital importance, and I hope you take the opportunity to discuss business opportunities, exchange ideas and make agreements», Mr. Henriksen said. In a separate comment, Mr. Henriksen expressed confidence on behalf of the Brazilian maritime industry:


«Our two countries are blessed with natural resources and we have developed a cooperation that has served both countries well. In 2014, the oil price collapsed, but we are convinced that we will rebound and recover. We are looking forward to extend and enhancing the cooperation, and to exploring new opportunities together», Mr. Henriksen said.


Worthwile efforts

Abran is very satisfied with the feedback on the Brazilian presence.


«It was overwhelming and showcases the growing importance of Brazil@Nor-Shipping program to the maritime and offshore shipping industry, with countless and intangible benefits for all participants. We were extremely happy with the great success of Brazil@Nor-Shipping 2017 evidenced with the presence of such strong Brazilian delegation and attendees in all events. The worthwhile efforts of ABRAN, NSA, The Brazilian Embassy, The Consulate General, NBCC, BNCC and Innovation Norway to put together an attractive agenda proved effective», Mr Fernandes concludes.

Brazil´s ambassador to Norway, Mr. George Monteiro Prata, opened the doors to his residence in Oslo on the very first day of the Nor-Shipping week.


«Nor-Shipping is an important event for our bilateral relations», Ambassador Prata said in an address to his guests on May 29, 2017.


Vice-Admiral Wilson Pereira de Lima Filho, who is the Director of DPC, and his wife Valeria were among the ambassadors´guests, and Vice-Admiral Lima Filho agrees:


«We look at Norway as a potential investor in our country, and Norway has a consolidated position in the global maritime sector, with a lot of shipowners and other important stakeholders. We would obviously like to strengthen our ties to Norway and Nor-Shipping is an arena for networking where you meet people from different segments of this industry, both shipowners, people from insurance, R&D and so on. Brazil is currently going through some difficulties, but I am convinced that we will overcome these challenges. Now we want to look forward, and the best way forward is across the oceans. This is how we get closer and build stronger relations to other countries», Vice-Admiral Lima Filho stated.