The Brazilian Association of Norwegian Shipowners, “Associação Brasileira dos Armadores Noruegueses”, ABRAN, is a Brazilian non profit civil association created in 2013, by Norwegian shipping companies and the Norwegian Shipowners Association, NSA, to foment the coordination of Norwegian shipowners in Brazil and to foster a sustainable and profitable business environment within the country.

ABRAN was born to be a meeting place to Norwegian shipping companies in Brazil, dedicated to promote actions to increase the competitiveness, support the training of a specialized work force to the maritime sector in Brazil, propose and promote initiatives that are compatible to the interests of ABRAN’s members. Hence, ABRAN will support participating members’ interests in defined areas and also assist in coordinating common issues in support of and collaboration with local organizations.

ABRAN’s mission statement is: “to be a meeting place for Norwegian shipping companies in Brazil” 

OUR MAIN GOALS:  As a Brazilian non profit civil association, representing Norwegian shipping companies, ABRAN will foster the coordination of Norwegian shipowners to: 

  • Enhance initiatives towards a more sustainable and competitive business environment. 
  • Education and training are crucial to build competence on the maritime industry. ABRAN will work, alongside local companies, instituiions, organizations and authorities to increase training and education programs, offering Norwegian expertise as a framework, developed through decades of operations  in the North sea.