ABRAN´s Board of Directors and administration were elected, on 24th April 2019, for a new 2 year´s term, representing all shipping segments and the Norwegian Shipowners´Association - NSA. 

  • Chairman: Mr. Felipe Meira (SOLSTADFARSTAD)
  • Vice-Chairman: Mr. Stephane Dezaunay (PGS)
  • Board Member: Mr. Jose Carlos Elias (TEEKAY)
  • Board Member: Mr. Elias Abibe (DOF/NORSKAN)
  • Board Member: Mr. Knut Ovrebo (ODFJELL SE)
  • Board Member: Mr. Edmundo Falcão (SAPURA)
  • Board Member: Mr. Thomas Saxegaard (NSA)

Executive Director: Mr. Ricardo Cesar Fernandes